The object of the TOURISTA 24/7 project is the development, the protection of intellectual property and the commercial exploitation of an innovative application of smart real-time personal security devices of tourists (Greeks and foreigners) who choose Greece or Cyprus, for business or leisure travel. Utilizing the capabilities of modern smart phones, but also telecommunications, a complete solution is developed with which the user will alert for health problems or personal threat, while depending on his profile the application will detect falls, road accidents and other possible dangers. .

The innovative design and combined services of TOURISTA 24/7, thus offer a complete personal security solution for each of us, regardless of the season or the destination he has chosen to be found. This project directly produces a marketable product that combines security services, personalized tourist profiles and smart device applications, within a complete range of functions provided in 8 languages ​​(Greek, English, Russian, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Bulgarian). . The direct GPRS and voice connection of the devices with the also multilingual Signal Reception Center (KLS), for those incidents that require human intervention, gives multiple possibilities of assistance, monitoring the evolution of alarm signals and personalized intervention.

With the innovative design of Tourista 24/7, in addition to individual tourists, they are served with "smart" additional services and families, as well as tourist groups. Thus, members of the same family or the same group, in addition to the basic services, get alert for removal of a person from the group, how to locate a member, free sending short messages within the group, notification of member risk, etc.

In addition to the extensive research required at the theoretical and applied level in the field of information technology, but also the sensors of smart mobile devices, special emphasis will be given to 2 very innovative functions: a) user detection (eg elderly, climber) or b) (eg for a car accident) and b) the automatic sending of an alarm signal in case the user moves away from a predetermined distance from a supervising - master user (eg the tourist from the tour guide, the student from the his companion, the children by the guardians).

Some similar applications, coming from America and India, cover users worldwide. However, they do not provide in a unified environment all the necessary personal security services, nor do they provide specialized security solutions tailored to the user profile and the particularities of each country. In Greece and Cyprus, despite the huge volume of tourists they receive all year round, these services are strangely non-existent.

Expected results of the project are a significant improvement of the level of safety of tourists, contributing to the equal development of remote or less popular tourist destinations, but also the improvement of the position of Greece and Cyprus in the global tourism scale. In terms of infrastructure, TOURISTA 24/7 contributes to the development and promotion of open source software for all its individual applications (server side, website, mobile application, tourista control center), but also to the development of open geospatial data (safety and health infrastructure Greece and Cyprus).

Α/Α Title to be delivered Type of deliverable
Module: Comparative analysis of cutting-edge technologies & applications
1.1 Evaluation results of other applications Report
1.2 Issue of technical specifications TOURISTA 24/7 Report
Module: TOURISTA Development 24/7
2.1 Server application (TOURISTA 24/7 server) Software
2.2 TOURISTA 24/7 Website Website
2.3 Signal Reception Center (CLS) application - Tourista 24/7 Control Center Software
2.4 Mobile application (Tourista 24/7 mobile) Software
2.5 Data geobase Other
2.6 Multilingual content Other
2.7 Terms of use of the application Other
2.8 Manual Exhibition
2.9 Report on publicity actions Exhibition
Module: Feasibility study
3.1 Feasibility study TOURISTA 24/7 Feasibility study
Module: TOURISTA Demonstration 24/7
4.1 TOURISTA 24/7 pilot evaluation evaluation report Exhibition
4.2 Report promotions (events, promotions and networking) Exhibition
Section: Copyright
5.1 Drop Algorithm Patent Template
5.2 Impact Algorithm Patent Template
5.3 Product brand TOURISTA 24/7 Template
Section of work: Trade fairs
6.1 Report on participation in a trade protection and security exhibition Exhibition
6.2 Report on participation in a tourism trade fair Exhibition


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Alert 24/7 (project code Τ1ΕΔΚ-01167) was implemented in the framework of TOURISTA 24/7 project, of the RESEARCH - CREATE - INNOVATE action and was co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and national funds through the COMPETITIVENESS-ENTREPRENEURSHIP-INNOVATION Operational Programme (EPAnEK).

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