The innovative early warning system Alert 24/7 (scientific coordinator: professor Andreas Vassilopoulos), allows the responsible authorities to act in a timely manner in emergency situations, by sending a series of warning messages to citizens (via SMS, Facebook and Viber). Citizens can subscribe to the system electronically, without any feeds, by just entering their cellphone number and the municipality they are in.

Alert 24/7 can immediately alert for any danger, send directions, even organize settlement evacuations. It can also be used for preparedness excercices.

The system is aimed to risk-management authorities, such as the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, as well as the civil protection services in Regions and Municipalities, which are required by the law to inform citizens in a timely manner.

The first demonstration of Alert 24/7 was held successfully at the Rafina area, during a conference we organized in the area after the deadly fire of 23rd of July. The conference was held on Sunday 31/03/2019, titled "Wildfires: Prevention and Addressing".

Alert 24/7 was implemented as part of the TOURISTA 24/7 project, for the action "RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE" and was co-funded by the European Union and national funds through EPAnEK (O.P. Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation). Project code Τ1ΕΔΚ-01167.

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